Hassan Rouhani Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Hassan Rouhani quotes and sayings page 2 (leader). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 26 we have.

Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“No country by itself and in an isolated manner would ever be able to effectively address the challenges it faces.”
Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“The Iranian people, with regards to the policies of various American administrations in the past 30 years, are very worried. They don't trust them.”
“All countries in my part of the world, we want democracy to prevail. I told the people, 'If you want American policies to stop, we need to take action.' We need to make the U.S. understand that its meddling is inappropriate.”
“I think that the president of Iran has the authority wherever which - where - wherever the national interests of the country are involved and, when it is necessary and expedient and required to speak and talk with others in order to promote the rights of its nation, that the president can take that initiative.”
Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“I'll tell you that when an innocent person is killed, we never go about asking or inquiring whether they were Jewish or Christian or Muslim. That's not our way or creed.”
“I'm not a historian. I'm a politician. What is important for us is that the countries of the region and the people grow closer to each other, and that they are able to prevent aggression and injustice.”
Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“On the nuclear issue, the first point is that the entire world must recognize that Iran does not seek a nuclear weapon, nor shall it seek a nuclear weapon.”
“We believe that unilateral sanctions violate international law, in fact. They violate free trade. They violate human growth and development, human development, and that when you actually sanction a bank of a country, the meaning of it is quite clear. You're sanctioning medicine for the people.”
Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“When it comes to nuclear technology, the Iranian people are very sensitive. It is a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous.”
Hassan Rouhani Quotes
“I'm committed to fulfilling my promises to my people, including my pledge to engage in constructive interaction with the world.”

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