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7 most famous Dan Byrd quotes and sayings. He's a 32 year old American actor born on Nov 20, 1985.

“I've heard this before from people: early 20s kind of screws with your head a little bit because you're transitioning into adulthood and actually becoming an adult with responsibilities and paying bills. So all of a sudden, it's like you're responsible now.”
Dan Byrd Quotes
“I had a pretty untraditional high school experience. I've been acting since I was very young.”
Dan Byrd Quotes
“The more insight I get, the more scared I get of women in general.”
“The great thing about a name like 'Cougar Town' is that you hear it once and you remember it forever. It's a very 'loud' title. But there's a connection to the word 'cougar' that means a lot of people are going to be turned off right away by the title alone without even giving the show a chance.”
Dan Byrd Quotes
“It's hard for me to listen to any actors whine or moan about anything acting-related because look at the world. We really have nothing to complain about. Just to be working is a blessing.”
Dan Byrd Quotes
“My only career strategy is to just not do anything that I have to be completely ashamed of afterwards! Whether it's TV or movies, I feel lucky to be working.”
“When I was in high school, my parents had this power over me - if I ever lied or got caught doing something that I shouldn't be doing, then I would no longer be able to go to L.A. and continue to pursue the acting thing.”

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