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6 most famous Isabel dos Santos quotes and sayings (businesswoman).

“I think there's lots of people with family connections but who are actually nowhere. If you're hard-working and determined, you will make it, and that's the bottom line. I don't believe in an easy way through.”
“If you do something that's going to get somebody a job, then they'll be able to pay for their kid's school, and then their kid is going to be a doctor, and then that doctor is going to probably help who knows how many other people, so it's very motivating. Much more fun than going to the beach.”
Isabel dos Santos Quotes
“I work all the time. Seven days a week.”
Isabel dos Santos Quotes
“I've had business sense since I was very young. I sold chicken eggs when I was six.”
Isabel dos Santos Quotes
“I'm not involved in politics, and I've never had any political role. I've never been in office. I've never taken any public administrative jobs.”
“It's very difficult, I would imagine, to distinguish father and daughter. And maybe some of it comes as I'm doing my thing and my father being a very strong political African figure for so many years. Whatever he does is almost like some kind of cloud on top.”

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