Margaux Hemingway Quotes & Sayings

7 most famous Margaux Hemingway quotes and sayings. She was an American actress who passed away on 1 July, 1996.

Margaux Hemingway Quotes
“I am not a Hemingway aficionado.”
Margaux Hemingway Quotes
“If you are at one with your body, then you are at one with yourself.”
“For me, becoming a celebrity was like being in the eye of a hurricane. Suddenly, I was an international cover girl. Everybody was lapping up my Hemingwayness. They wanted to rub elbows with me or brush up against me.”
Margaux Hemingway Quotes
“I love France. The French respect your privacy.”
Margaux Hemingway Quotes
“My name? Of course it helps. If you've got it, use it. I'm proud of it, for sure.”
“I loved to dance and went to Studio 54 at least twice a week. But I always felt nervous around the people there. I was in awe of that whole Halston-Liza Minnelli crowd. To me, they were the real celebrities, and I was just a girl from Idaho.”
“I remember being really poor until I got my first $250,000 check from Faberge. That was pretty nice; I put it in the bank, and from that moment on, there seemed to be a lot of champagne and limousines in my life.”

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