Sarah Bolger Quotes & Sayings

5 most famous Sarah Bolger quotes and sayings. She's a 27 year old Irish actress born on Feb 28, 1991.

Sarah Bolger Quotes
“I have blessed hands. I got my hands blessed by the priest, and I am able to give out Holy Communion at Mass. It is lovely to be part of it.”
Sarah Bolger Quotes
“I became a minister of the Eucharist when I was 17. My parents aren't very strict Catholics, but for some reason I decided this is what I want to do, and I have kept it up.”
“I love the dog. She comes for drives with me in the back of my car. Darby is not aggressive or judgmental. She just is. That's what I love about her. She sits there and watches 'The Fugitive' with me.”
Sarah Bolger Quotes
“Ireland's always going to be my home, but so much is filmed in L.A., so you have to spend time out here.”
“I think you are taken more seriously as a young adult when you are on a film set and you are doing a job and people expect something from you. Is that losing my youth? Not at all. I had a fantastic childhood.”

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