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Jackson Katz Quotes
“The major political battles about guns in our society concern handguns and assault weapons, not long arms like hunting rifles.”
Jackson Katz Quotes
“As governor of California in 1970, Reagan endeared himself to millions of conservatives nationwide when he publicly rebuked the anti-war movement that was exploding on college campuses.”
Jackson Katz Quotes
“How many more school shootings do we need before we start talking about this as a social problem, and not merely a random collection of isolated incidents?”
Jackson Katz Quotes
“If journalism is the first draft of history, then talk radio provides an early glimpse into how the meaning of political events will be spun for ideological and partisan purposes.”
Jackson Katz Quotes
“Language usage always has a political context.”
“Whether one admired or was repulsed by the positions he took on matters foreign and domestic, it is undeniable that Reagan's ability to project anger was highly attractive to his most passionate supporters on the far right - and crucial to his political success.”
“In the alternate universe of conservative talk radio, the killing of Bin Laden coincidentally happened on Barack Obama's watch. He had to be kicked dragging and screaming into authorizing it, and even then he made lots of mistakes.”

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