Jared Leto Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Jared Leto quotes and sayings page 3 (52 year old actor). These are the last 6 out of 26 quotes we have for him.

Jared Leto Quotes
“He's an innocent in a lot of ways. He's a very simple person who really doesn't have the resources or the strength, ultimately, to handle the situation.”
“It gives us a look into a world that's very much like 'Traffic' was for drugs, this movie is for gun running. Dark at times, but I think Nic Cage is an incredible person to watch and very entertaining.”
Jared Leto Quotes
“It's nice to be able to communicate digitally with people around the world.”
Jared Leto Quotes
“Andrew has talked about my character being the conscience of the film, the heart of the film.”
“It was a real honor to be able to work with someone like that that I've been watching since I was a kid. I mean, to play his brother left some people scratching their heads but something about it really worked.”
Jared Leto Quotes
“I take computers practically apart and put them back together. I have a supercomputer I built over the years out of different computers.”

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