Jessica Simpson Quotes & Sayings (Page 10)

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Jessica Simpson quotes and sayings page 10 (41 year old musician). These are the last 9 out of 99 quotes we have for her.

Jessica Simpson Quotes
“Well, for me, I grew up very Southern Baptist, and I definitely lived in my bubble. You know, I lived in my bubble that was in my church.”
Jessica Simpson Quotes
“You don't want to marry somebody who's just like you.”
Jessica Simpson Quotes
“You're never going to look perfect to yourself even if you might look perfect to somebody else.”
Jessica Simpson Quotes
“I really don't look at myself as just one thing. I'm kind of scattered and like to have my hands in a lot of different projects. It makes me who I am.”
Jessica Simpson Quotes
“I never knew how protective I was until I had my own child. I'm already thinking about intruders coming into the house and what our escape route would be.”
Jessica Simpson Quotes
“I think it's ironic that I fell in love with a man I thought I would never be interested in because he's an athlete. I was always, 'An athlete? Heck no.'”
“Music will always be my No. 1 passion, but I don't have to be doing it professionally. It's not really about that for me anymore. I feel like I don't have to look at it as a career. I can just rest in it and just be.”
“Well I think any designer that can understand what people need to be wearing right now is the biggest and best step that you can take. Instead of putting your ego first, you put the buyer first. And I think that that's a really important thing just to know what the consumer is wanting to wear.”
“When I signed a record deal, I was always told by execs I needed to be like everybody else, that I had to show my midriff, things that would take away from who I want to be as an artist.”

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