Joe Donnelly Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Joe Donnelly quotes and sayings (politician).

“What the voters told us in the 2010 election was that they wanted a change. And I believe a moderate approach with a dedication to working across the aisle, something I know is important to both me and Congressman Shuler, is the best way forward.”
Joe Donnelly Quotes
“I supported my friend Congressman Shuler over former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during our party's leadership elections in November citing a need for new leadership.”
Joe Donnelly Quotes
“I hear from everybody, and they say 'Joe, nowhere but in Washington do they think not working together makes sense.' We're not hired to fight.”
Joe Donnelly Quotes
“My question about everything I do is, does it make our country stronger?”
Joe Donnelly Quotes
“Our ports are a vital link in national security and it is extremely dangerous to be considering their sale to the United Arab Emirates government.”

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