Joe Greene Quotes & Sayings

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23 most famous Joe Greene quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 77 year old American athlete born on Sep 24, 1946.

Joe Greene Quotes
“I do play football no-holds-barred. Any edge I can get, I'll take. I'd grab a face mask only in a fit of anger. Uncontrolled anger is damn near insane.”
“Winning the Super Bowl was obviously a great one, but the joy I felt of going to the Super Bowl, it was what I felt about the Pittsburgh Steelers and where we came from, the history of us to that point.”
“As I and the rest of my Pittsburgh Steelers teammates prepared that week in late December 1974, we knew one thing: The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC went through Oakland. To achieve your dreams as a team, you had to slay the Oakland Raiders. They were the barometer of what it took to be a championship team.”
“Over a 10-season stretch from 1967 to 1976, eight Super Bowl champions either were the Raiders or had to beat the Raiders in the playoffs. The Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Colts, Miami, the Steelers each of the first two times... we all had to deal with the Raiders.”
Joe Greene Quotes
“I'm not a theatrics guy who does things for effect. Whatever comes out is what I feel. It just comes out.”
Joe Greene Quotes
“Donald Evans is a favorite person of mine. His worth ethic, his attitude and his dedication really set him apart.”
Joe Greene Quotes
“For a football coach, there's nothing that matches the pain of a team not playing up to its capabilities.”
Joe Greene Quotes
“The Steelers have influenced everything I've done as an adult.”
“I don't think about becoming a head coach. I really don't. I'm not oblivious of people who mention it. When you are in any business, people expect to aspire to the top. I guess everyone is supposed to aspire to being the man at the top of the heap. But I never have.”
Joe Greene Quotes
“If you're talking about nuclear physics, I have to defer to the next guy. But if you're talking about football, I don't have to take a back seat to anyone.”

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