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4 most famous Joe Kelley quotes and sayings (athlete).

Joe Kelley Quotes
“The Baltimore boys only defend themselves when playing against teams that treat us mean, especially that bunch from Cincinnati.”
“It makes no difference to me what kind of bat I have. For instance, I often grab the first bat I come across when I go up to the plate. Muggsy McGraw uses a light stick and Jake Stenzel uses a heavy one, but I'm liable to take any one of the miscellaneous lot that falls in my way.”
“We never went into a game that we did not feel sure of winning, and when we lost, we blamed it on hard luck or the umpires. We never gave any other team credit for being able to play ball, and the result was that we were hard to beat. If I could get my team to be confident, I think we would work our way to the front pretty quickly.”
Joe Kelley Quotes
“I am tired of being roasted. I had a great deal of hard luck while manager of the team and somehow or other couldn't get the best out of the material I had at hand.”

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