John Bradley-West Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous John Bradley-West quotes and sayings (actor).

John Bradley-West Quotes
“I'd say that the whole 'sitting on the Iron Throne' experience is intended to be a novelty for people who don't have that many encounters with thrones in their day to day lives.”
“My tutors at drama school commended and criticised my use of comedy in my acting for a long time at drama school. They said I had a tendency to somehow perform the most tragic of scenes in a slightly flippant way.”
John Bradley-West Quotes
“When you boil war down or all conflict down to two people, it's a great advert for humanity sometimes. People can find connections with each other, regardless of the bigger picture.”
John Bradley-West Quotes
“I'm useless with a sword in real life.”
“Fantasy fans are incredibly loyal and passionate. Other people don't want to be seen as passionate about things, they want to be cool and laconic. The great thing about fantasy fans is they'll really get behind a show.”

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