Julian Assange Quotes & Sayings

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56 most famous Julian Assange quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 52 year old Australian activist born on Jul 3, 1971.

Julian Assange Quotes
“You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.”
Julian Assange Quotes
“Cryptography is the essential building block of independence for organisations on the Internet, just like armies are the essential building blocks of states, because otherwise one state just takes over another.”
Julian Assange Quotes
“The Iraq War was the biggest issue for people of my generation in the West. It was also the clearest case, in my living memory, of media manipulation and the creation of a war through ignorance.”
“The greater the power, the more need there is for transparency, because if the power is abused, the result can be so enormous. On the other hand, those people who do not have power, we mustn't reduce their power even more by making them yet more transparent.”
Julian Assange Quotes
“Intelligence agencies keep things secret because they often violate the rule of law or of good behavior.”
“I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.”
“It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers, and when powerful abusers are taken on, there's always a bad reaction. So we see that controversy, and we believe that is a good thing to engage in.”
“In my role as Wikileaks editor, I've been involved in fighting off many legal attacks. To do that, and keep our sources safe, we have had to spread assets, encrypt everything, and move telecommunications and people around the world to activate protective laws in different national jurisdictions.”
Julian Assange Quotes
“If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.”
Julian Assange Quotes
“The corruption in reporting starts very early. It's like the police reporting on the police.”

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