KaDee Strickland Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous KaDee Strickland quotes and sayings. She's a 46 year old American actress born on Dec 14, 1975.

“My father always said, 'Do your best and piss on the rest.' And I think there's a lot of truth to that, because if you've done your best, there's not a hell of a lot more you can do about something.”
KaDee Strickland Quotes
“You are enough, which I believe is critical for any human being to get in their bones.”
“My father's name is Dee, so when I was born they named me Katherine Dee and they took the K from Katherine and put it with his name, sort of to give me my dad's namesake. But it's hysterical how often it gets misspelled. I used to be like, 'No one capitalizes my D!'”
KaDee Strickland Quotes
“Oh God, I'm going to get in trouble for saying this, but I grew up falling asleep in church because I was tired from watching horror movies late at night.”
“The reason I always loved 'The Omen' so much, and what has always been scariest to me, is anything to do with God. Anything to do with God is quite frightening because fear is something that's very much expressed in a church environment, and I grew up in one. And the fear of God was very much instilled me at a very young age.”
KaDee Strickland Quotes
“As an actor, there is always an opportunity to learn from the other actors you work with.”
KaDee Strickland Quotes
“I'm kind of obsessed with food - I really am.”
“I can say this: You haven't lived until you've had to wear a triplet pregnancy belly. You would be amazed at what a girl can learn based on the different months of pregnancy to make her character more interesting.”

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