Kara DioGuardi Quotes & Sayings

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24 most famous Kara DioGuardi quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 51 year old American musician born on Dec 9, 1970.

Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“I felt like I got more comfortable on 'Idol' when I just started being myself and not trying to be what I thought I had to be.”
Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“Listen to the Bee Gees and you can learn to be a great writer.”
“I wanted a child, and there was no way I could get pregnant under the stress of 18-hour work days and live TV. When you're somebody who's used to making a decision about what they want to do and getting it and achieving it, when your body fails you, it's a whole other experience.”
Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“Good new songs are the backbone of the music industry. There isn't an artist out there who could survive without hit songs.”
Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“Yeah... I was a singer as a kid. I had a lot of stage fright, and what's happened with 'Idol,' it has got me past so much of that.”
“I think Bruno Mars is a great example of a great voice and classic songwriting with a twist that makes it contemporary. I think he's done a great job of it. I think Katy Perry has undeniable songs for what she does, for that pop market. And, if we're talking in the truly pop market, I would say those two.”
“Just because you're a star on television doesn't mean that you can be a music phenomenon or an artist. You have to have the material to back it, and it's all about hit songs. I can name you every 'Idol' winner and why they didn't go on to have success - their songs. The ones who have - their songs.”
“You need to understand that a skilled professional songwriter can accelerate your success as an already talented musician. These people are writing every single day, so their craft is really sharp, and it's the best songwriters who consistently get on the radio.”
Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“I can sing in front of people. I can go on a TV show, live, and not feel like I'm going to throw up.”
Kara DioGuardi Quotes
“I don't go to record stores to look at my albums, but it's always a thrill to see them.”

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