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Kaskade quotes and sayings page 2 (musician). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 41 we have.

“I have really fond memories of growing up in Chicago, and I always love going back. I still have a lot of really good friends from high school that I go to dinner with. It's kind of become a tradition when I go out there to do a show to give a few friends a call, tell some funny stories about high school and walk down memory lane.”
“I think there is some truth to the fact that yeah, okay, cool, obviously the more mainstream kind of easier-to-grasp-onto dance music has become popular, but that holds true with almost any genre. It wasn't like the Sex Pistols hit the radio. It was poppier versions of that is what hit. It's never, like, the true core stuff.”
“I've always been a big advocate of making shows affordable because a lot of these bottle-service clubs and events are geared toward really expensive experiences. Club music is for everyone, and it drives me crazy that people are getting priced out.”
“It's weird, when I go back to San Francisco, the few times that I've done shows there since leaving, it still feels like I live there. It's very, very strange for me. That's where my daughter was born, at UCSF. I have this huge attachment to San Francisco. It's like a love affair.”
“When you go see a good DJ, you'll know it, man - you'll know it in your bones. Between the guy who's phoning it in and the guy who's obsessively working it to give you the best show of his life.”
Kaskade Quotes
“Blending tracks and weaving and manipulating prerecorded music to create this mood, some people do it much better than others.”
Kaskade Quotes
“Club culture is about leaving your cares behind, and I am trying to create that environment.”
Kaskade Quotes
“I do feel like there's a level of ridiculousness going on in electronic music... It's getting borderline absurd out there.”
Kaskade Quotes
“I think people in electronic music are trying to get these big features: 'Oh my gosh, I'm gonna get the biggest pop star to feature on my track.'”
Kaskade Quotes
“I travel a lot. I spend close to 300 days a year on the road.”

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