Kate McKinnon Quotes & Sayings

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7 most famous Kate McKinnon quotes and sayings. She's a 38 year old American actress born on Jan 6, 1984.

Kate McKinnon Quotes
“If you asked me to seriously kiss someone on a screen, I would be very uncomfortable. But I will lick any part of your face.”
“I was very serene, and I still am, until I start talking in another voice, then suddenly I have a lot of volume and I'm frantic. But I didn't want to be one of those people who's always talking in accents in real life, so I started doing sketch comedy.”
“I only come up with things when I am talking to myself, which I do constantly. The sidewalk and the subway are the best places for this. I speak at full volume and then laugh at myself if I like what I just said.”
Kate McKinnon Quotes
“I started watching 'SNL' when I was thirteen or so; those were the Molly Shannon/Ana Gasteyer/Cheri Oteri years.”
“For an impression, I just find that I can do a lot of the people I love without much research, because I've already watched hours and hours of them on video and it seeped into my brain while I wasn't thinking about it.”
“I worked as a telemarketer for an SAT-prep company. That was the worst of it, because I had to call people in post-Katrina New Orleans and offer them this very, very expensive SAT class. And I'm not even a good salesman.”
Kate McKinnon Quotes
“Getting recognized on the street is fine, but I never really wanted to be famous.”

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