Katy Mixon Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Katy Mixon quotes and sayings. She's a 41 year old American actress born on Mar 30, 1981.

Katy Mixon Quotes
“You can't do Shakespeare with a Southern accent, honey.”
“My very first acting job ever, the first time I got paid to be an actress, was in 2001, right between my sophomore and junior year in college, when I was just 19 years old. I got paid $250 every two weeks, 10 shows a week, to be in the Utah Shakespearean Festival. I was Calpurnia in 'Julius Caesar.'”
Katy Mixon Quotes
“A lot of people don't know that my background is completely classical. For a while there, I was all about Moliere and the Greeks and Brecht and Tennessee Williams.”
Katy Mixon Quotes
“I'm loving 'We Are Young,' by Fun. Really gets the morning rockin' to a great start.”
Katy Mixon Quotes
“'Eastbound & Down' is giving you a rhythm. It's just a whole different vibe with improv. As an actor I just kind of exercise within my environment and adjust depending on where I'm at.”
Katy Mixon Quotes
“Pensacola isn't Florida, really. It's the Panhandle. It's right up there near Alabama and Louisiana. It's, like, a stroll away from New Orleans. I feel like New Orleans is home.”

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