Malvinder Mohan Singh Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Malvinder Mohan Singh quotes and sayings (businessman).

Malvinder Mohan Singh Quotes
“There is a lot of opportunity sitting in global healthcare business. I think there is a strong opportunity to build upon for further growth.”
Malvinder Mohan Singh Quotes
“Healthcare is a very complicated business and you need a very different business model to be successful in India; yet at a global level, there are a lot of challenges and opportunities.”
Malvinder Mohan Singh Quotes
“My father has been my role model. And I always looked up to him - be it his management philosophy or his approach towards life.”
Malvinder Mohan Singh Quotes
“We are confident that shared values of Wockhardt Hospitals and Fortis Healthcare will form the basis for our continued success in the future.”
“Quality Healthcare is a premier healthcare brand in Hong Kong and is the leading private healthcare provider there. We are believers in long-term growth prospects of the Asian healthcare space and the benefits of a world-class pan-Asian integrated healthcare delivery system.”

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