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13 most famous Natalia Tena quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 39 year old British actress born on Nov 1, 1984.

“I love the fact that little kids think I'm a witch. A mum might come over and say 'I'm sorry to disturb you, but my daughter thinks you're in 'Harry Potter.' I'll say 'That's cool' and take the kid aside and say, 'I'm a witch. If you don't listen to your mum, I'm going to haunt you!' It's brilliant. I can scare kids into doing their homework.”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“I've had watermelon hair where I had pink with green tips. From the age of 13 to about 19 or 20, I never had my real hair color.”
“Whenever I start a 'Potter' film, I get these dreams. The last dream I had, I was in a war and the sky was blotted with broomsticks and I couldn't find my wand. It was so intense. I always have mental, intense, war wizard dreams when I'm doing the films.”
“My love of music comes from as long as I remember. I begged my mum to learn piano for a year when I was 4; she wanted to make sure I was serious, and I wanted to be Chuck Berry when I grew up! We were a very musical family; my mum would play guitar, and her, my dad and aunt would sing and harmonize!”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“For ages, I had this mullet until someone on the street stopped me and said, 'Darling, can I cut your hair for free? Because you look a bit weird.'”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“I love doing short films because they're much more intimate and there's far less waiting around than on the bigger films.”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“If I just did music, I might go insane. I need words; I need stories. And it's the same the other way around.”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“Like a lot of people, I love a bit of blood and gore.”
“I have three things I really, really want to do. I want to do aerial trapeze, I want to do martial arts, and I want to learn Russian. And, because of my life, I'm not able to do any of these.”
Natalia Tena Quotes
“I need both music and acting to even think about surviving life. I don't have a choice.”

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