Ornella Muti Quotes & Sayings

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3 most famous Ornella Muti quotes and sayings. She's a 66 year old Italian actress born on Mar 9, 1955.

“I've made a dozen films in the English language. But then, for love, for my family and friends, I returned to Europe... I annoyingly - looking back - turned down films like 007, 'For Your Eyes Only,' written specially for me.”
Ornella Muti Quotes
“I take care of myself and take antioxidating supplements suggested by my best friend and first fan - he takes care of my Internet presence - Doctor Mario Rosario Porzio. I eat well - in fact, very well.”
Ornella Muti Quotes
“I love the early films of Al Pacino - 'Scarface,' 'Serpico' - and I love many science-fiction films.”

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