Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes & Sayings (Page 6)

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Queen Rania of Jordan quotes and sayings page 6 (royalty). These are the last 8 out of 58 quotes we have.

Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“The United States was an innocent victim after September 11. It had never attacked or occupied Afghanistan. So therefore it had no choice but to go after the aggressors.”
Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“Tweeting is a very personal form of expression. Who else could talk about my son refusing to wear a suit to meet the Pope, my husband flying a helicopter, or take a twitpic from our home?”
Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“It isn't often that the logic behind a policy is so clear. But when it comes to the value of educating girls, the evidence speaks for itself.”
“Now and always, hard-line policy and those who embrace it are vessels for darker forces that are at once self-cannibalizing and combustible. No good can come of them. They are unsustainable because their sense of righteousness denies human worth.”
Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“By its very nature, hard-line ideology is self-serving and self-perpetuating; its primary goal is to survive - and that precludes everything.”
Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“Twitter's a great way to tell people across the world what I care about and, hopefully, motivate them to join me in furthering my causes.”
“Eighty percent of my life is normal like any other mother. I worry about my children, if they're doing all right. I worry that my husband is doing well. The 20 percent is just the queen aspect that factors in. But for me, it's life as usual, and it's just taking care of my family.”
Queen Rania of Jordan Quotes
“The average Jordanian has much in common with the average American in terms of the values that we share, the fact that we all value the family unit, our work ethic.”

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