Raine Maida Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Raine Maida quotes and sayings. He's a 52 year old Canadian musician born on Feb 18, 1970.

Raine Maida Quotes
“I don't preach or try to impress my views upon people.”
Raine Maida Quotes
“I hardly ever write when I'm just feeling great.”
Raine Maida Quotes
“I'm just interested in having a handle on my environment.”
Raine Maida Quotes
“When I look back over my career, there was so much stress. And it was because of the business. It was always because of the business.”
“'Adbusters' is my favourite reading material, so as soon as you go there, the synapses start firing in a different way. You start taking on things that sometimes I feel are out of our control. That's what basically fuels my creative side.”
Raine Maida Quotes
“When you sit down and play your music for someone you respect, you get that feeling in your stomach of like: 'Oh my God...' You know if it's not great because you start to feel sick.”

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