Raquel Zimmermann Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Raquel Zimmermann quotes and sayings. She's a 52 year old   model born on Jan 1, 1970.

Raquel Zimmermann Quotes
“I hate wearing anything tight. A corset is my idea of torture.”
Raquel Zimmermann Quotes
“I love living in Brooklyn. Originally I moved there because I could enjoy a bigger space for less money than I would ever get in Manhattan.”
“I support the Surfrider Foundation, which is focused on protecting the oceans and beaches. I also recycle and use mass transit, ride my bike as often as I can, or I walk, which is one of the best parts about living in New York City.”
Raquel Zimmermann Quotes
“I walk a lot. It keeps me in shape and clears my head.”
Raquel Zimmermann Quotes
“Music is extremely important to have on photo shoots - it brings the mood.”

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