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Salma Hayek quotes and sayings page 9 (57 year old actress). Here's quote # 81 through 90 out of the 123 we have for her.

“I don't believe in the so-called Latino explosion when it comes to movies. Jennifer Lopez doesn't have an accent. She grew up in New York speaking English, not Spanish. Her success is very important because she represents a different culture, but it doesn't help me.”
Salma Hayek Quotes
“I will not have Botox. You know why? Because I eat! I eat the fat, I eat the vegetable, I eat everything. If you exercise and you don't eat enough, it takes its toll on the skin.”
Salma Hayek Quotes
“Hollywood has definitely grown, in embracing the inclusion of Latinos in the world, because, for some time, we didn't exist. We were not part of any stories.”
“Imagine if I'd said, 'I have to be the best actress - I want that and nothing else.' I never would have directed. I never would have produced. I never would have done a beauty line. I would have just worried about getting a job or been frustrated that I wasn't getting the job that I wanted. I was ready to be a businesswoman.”
“When I first came to Hollywood I was told to go out with an agent because it was good for my career. So I went to a party with him because it was good for my 'career.' Well, he thought the whole thing was a big date. Needless to say, I was very upset.”
Salma Hayek Quotes
“My driving abilities from Mexico have helped me get through Hollywood.”
Salma Hayek Quotes
“I've never had anything done on my face. I've never had dermabrasion or peels or injections of any kind, nothing.”
“When it is important for you to say something and you find a vehicle to say it, then go for it. It is so rare when that happens so I think every minute spent fighting for it is always worth it. Even if nothing ends up happening, it's still worth the fight.”
“I want to work for a long, long time and keep growing in my work, and if I am very lucky and very blessed, maybe somewhere along the line there will be one movie in there that becomes a classic.”
Salma Hayek Quotes
“It sounds trite to go after men who are nice but when you've been hurt a lot it becomes appealing.”

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