Shooter Jennings Quotes & Sayings

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7 most famous Shooter Jennings quotes and sayings. He's a 44 year old American musician born on May 19, 1979.

Shooter Jennings Quotes
“All of my records have been very personal, just writing more and more songs, you get better at being able to say what you feel.”
Shooter Jennings Quotes
“I was able to be more reckless and now I still make mistakes, but having kids, you have a responsibility and these little people who are looking up to you for everything.”
Shooter Jennings Quotes
“If you are close to your parents or a grandparent, you watch as they get old and you learn so much from that, and it makes you want to learn more while you have time.”
Shooter Jennings Quotes
“Being with my kids is really important to me, being a good dad and being around a lot.”
Shooter Jennings Quotes
“You know, when I was younger I was into all kinds of art - drawing, painting, all that stuff. But I played drums, played piano forever.”
“I don't think I thought I was going to go into music, and I don't think it hit me until I was 13 or 14, and then I was gone. Just like that. At that point, there was nothing else that could keep my attention.”
“L.A.'s cool; I had a run with it to where it just pretty much wore me out. I love the weather and I have great friends there, great family, but I really cannot take a lot of the culture. Like Nashville, where everybody's a songwriter, everybody out there is an actor.”

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