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Tabatha Coffey quotes and sayings page 2 (57 year old celebrity). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 30 we have for her.

“A lot of people forget how important it is to be creative. We get caught up in getting ahead and in day-to-day minutiae. But creativity is a fundamental mode of expression, as is being tenacious and standing by your own convictions and passions, even if it's not the 'popular' choice.”
Tabatha Coffey Quotes
“If you walk into my wardrobe, it's kind of hilarious. It's a sea of black.”
Tabatha Coffey Quotes
“It's a good giggle to look back at yourself in your 20s. You thought you were so fierce and fabulous, and it's just embarrassing.”
“I love my iPhone - I've actually gotten into games, and I find them really relaxing. Don't laugh at me, but I have 'Sally's Spa' - fantastic; 'Penguin Catapult' - it's great; and 'Word Solitaire' is my new favorite.”
Tabatha Coffey Quotes
“During a color consultation, I like to reference food as a visual. Hot fudge and orange marmalade paint a clearer picture and helps prevent end results that leave you feeling unsatisfied.”
“My parents actually ran drag clubs in Australia, which is how I grew up. It was normal for me. It was my normal. I knew the other kids didn't do it, but for me, it was life, and nothing was wrong with it. I would see nothing wrong with Beyonce having a drag queen nanny. And why not? Everyone needs one! And a great gay man in their life.”
“There's so much bullying with young people and them feeling like they can't come out, and they don't know what to do. And it's something that you have to work through. And, you know, for me, it was - I came out, and then I went back in for a minute. And then I came out, and I was like, 'You know what? This is who I am.'”
“Sometimes, in order to follow our moral compass and/or our hearts, we have to make unpopular decisions or stand up for what we believe in. It can be difficult and even frightening to go against the grain, whether it's a personal disagreement with a friend, partner, or family member or a professional decision that affects coworkers and colleagues.”
Tabatha Coffey Quotes
“I am gluten free, dairy free and sugar free, although I do slip up on the sugar sometimes because I have a big sweet tooth!”
Tabatha Coffey Quotes
“I love the Cannes Film Festival. From the lavish parties and events to the red carpet attire, this star-studded week-long event is where I get a lot of inspiration for hair and fashion.”

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