Tadanobu Asano Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Tadanobu Asano quotes and sayings. He's a 50 year old Japanese actor born on Nov 27, 1973.

Tadanobu Asano Quotes
“If you're famous, you're not free.”
“I decided in my late teens that I wanted to be an actor, and my dad and I agreed that films were better. I work alongside my dad, you see. I've thought that films were better since I was a kid.”
“There are lots of actors who insist on speaking the lines themselves, and you hear the same thing from directors and the audience, but I don't think it's worth getting het up about. I think it makes more sense to use someone who speaks that country's language: that's what voice actors are for.”
Tadanobu Asano Quotes
“Basically, people in other countries don't want to have to work quite as flat-out as they do in Japan.”
Tadanobu Asano Quotes
“I have blood from Dutch and Norwegian.”
“Because I feel 'Thor' is the beginning of finding my roots, and I found that I have family in America, I want to take my time and put effort on my future work so that foreign people get to know me better, and I also want to enjoy that process itself!”
“British people might wonder 'What the hell is Kenneth Branagh doing directing 'Thor?' but the person asking that the most was Kenneth Branagh. I think he was more surprised than anyone else to find himself doing this kind of film.”
“I always enjoy working with an international crew and director. But on the set of a Hollywood action film - now that's a whole other world. The sheer grand scale of the way things are done over there makes me envious; it's just so different from the way things are done in Japan.”

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