Tara Brach Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Tara Brach quotes and sayings page 2 (psychologist). These are the last 6 out of 16 quotes we have.

“Quite simply, if you're feeling anxious, angry, a sense of shame, whatever it is, breathe in and agree to touch or feel it. Breathing out, offer space and care to whatever's there. If there's blocking to touching it, emphasize the in-breath and stay embodied.”
“When I was first introduced to Buddhism in a high school World Studies class, I dismissed it out of hand. This was during the hedonistic days of the late '60s, and this spiritual path seemed so grim with its concern about attachment and, apparently, anti-pleasure.”
Tara Brach Quotes
“I would say both Western psychology and Eastern paths would recognize that we get caught up in feeling like a separate self and an unworthy self.”
Tara Brach Quotes
“If our hearts are ready for anything, we are touched by the beauty and poetry and mystery that fill our world.”
“If our hearts are ready for anything, we will spontaneously reach out when others are hurting. Living in an ethical way can attune us to the pain and needs of others, but when our hearts are open and awake, we care instinctively.”
Tara Brach Quotes
“I decided to write 'True Refuge' during a major dive in my own health. Diagnosed with a genetic disease that affected my mobility, I faced tremendous fear and grief about losing the fitness and physical freedom I loved.”

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