Teddy Thompson Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Teddy Thompson quotes and sayings page 2 (musician). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 30 we have for him.

“My goal when I started out was to get to the point where I could tour a lot and make a living, which means getting paid enough to hire my own band, travel and end up with a bit of money, but I'm still nowhere near that point. Because I didn't have a band and fan base when I started, I did everything backward.”
“My understanding of this life is that you tour and play for years and years, have some longevity and a steady career. That may sound boring, but I always thought that was less depressing than being a one-hit wonder.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“People think unless you have loops and electronics and so on, you must be in your 50s. I quite like a lot of things that have loops and sequencers, but I couldn't really be bothered.”
“I remember writing 'The One I Can't Have' at the kitchen table. I was looking at a picture of Truman Capote with Marilyn Monroe and that's where I started. It doesn't make any sense because he was gay, but it was just the idea of the short guy and the beautiful blonde out of his league. That's where I started, but very quickly it became about me.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“I come from a place where there's a lot of musical families.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“I'm never worried about being upstaged. I love to have the best, most individual people come in and see if we hit on something.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“Most artists never get a chance to be Picasso, but that doesn't mean you would stop painting.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“The songs are definitely all about me. I am my favourite subject.”
Teddy Thompson Quotes
“The state of radio is not great. It's like playing the lottery. The chances of hitting are mind boggling slim.”
“Any kind of creativity is not settling down into a happy little space. I don't try to be mellow or anything. I think I have quite... my voice is what it is, no matter what I'm singing, it's always going to sound like me. There's not too far I could go. I sound like myself. I hope that I haven't put any boundaries on anything.”

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