Terrence Howard Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Terrence Howard quotes and sayings page 4 (54 year old actor). These are the last 4 out of 34 quotes we have for him.

Terrence Howard Quotes
“My life's experiences, I've always had, my uncle used to call it antenna. I know what's going to happen oftentimes before it happened when it's involving me.”
Terrence Howard Quotes
“No, most of the decisions that I make with regard to taking roles, I just look for something that's challenging, something that I think I can accomplish, you know.”
“The only thing that really matters in the initial part of my career, the worst mistake I've ever made was try to do things to please the audience thinking how the audience is going to respond if I do this.”
Terrence Howard Quotes
“The reason that I'm an actor, or an artist, is ultimately because I'm trying to paint a self-portrait, and the most complete and beautiful self-portrait that you can.”

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