Trevor Horn Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Trevor Horn quotes and sayings (musician).

Trevor Horn Quotes
“When we started making electronic music I imagined that the reaction we got from the rock musicians must have been similar to the one the beat groups got from people like my dad.”
Trevor Horn Quotes
“I am associated with techno epics.”
Trevor Horn Quotes
“I hate having to read the manual.”
Trevor Horn Quotes
“Joining Yes was one of those stupid things that you do sometimes. It was one of the two or three times in my life that I've done something that I knew was wrong.”
Trevor Horn Quotes
“I used to go with him and I'd sometimes play, take over from him. That was my first taste of the music business, I suppose, but I was also in the youth orchestra at Johnston Grammar.”
“Producers don't really have any authority because you are paid by the artist, and if they choose to ignore you, they can. Your power only hangs by the tiniest thread. If you pull it too hard it will snap.”

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