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25 most famous Tyga quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 33 year old American musician born on Nov 19, 1989.

Tyga Quotes
“Tattoos, for me, are like a timeline of my life. I could look at a certain tattoo, and it reminds of me of a certain time in my life and why I got that tattoo.”
“Sour Patch, Swedish Fish. I love candy, man. I can't go without candy. And when I'm recording, I always have a TV on with cartoons - on mute, though. When I'm recording, I like to look at the TV now and then and see some crazy, wacky stuff. When you're thinking creative, it just keeps you creative. Everybody got their way of making music.”
Tyga Quotes
“I make negative music, but I also make positive music because that's what thrown at me with life.”
Tyga Quotes
“I have a lot of tattoos. I probably have over 100 tattoos. I don't know. It's just a mural... a collage.”
“At the end of the day, people have the right to have opinions. I have the right to have an opinion. And I have the right to say what I want on my music 'cause it's my music. If you don't like it, don't click on it, don't download it.”
Tyga Quotes
“I've always treated my career like independent. Everything that I got is because of myself, my own endorsements, my own touring myself.”
Tyga Quotes
“A lot of my fans know that I love candy. I eat candy all day.”
Tyga Quotes
“Girls grab me all the time. To me, that's regular, so it's not really crazy.”
“I don't follow trends. I'm a trendsetter. I represent all the younger generations; fly kids, creative kids - they look up to me. I got a program that's called ROAR. I go to all high schools everywhere we go, and I talk to all the kids, and I give away 30-35 tickets and passes to the kids doing good in school. Stuff like that means a lot to me.”
“I want to make people feel certain ways when they listen to my music. Whether it's partying or going through relationship problems or grinding or getting dressed and feeling fly. I want to be who I am and have emotion in my music that affects people.”

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