Udonis Haslem Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Udonis Haslem quotes and sayings. He's a 40 year old American athlete born on Jun 9, 1980.

“I've learned a lot from the experiences that I went through in high school, through college and overseas, and just everything in life. That is what prepared me for coming into the NBA, being undersized, no recognition, not getting anything easy, and I have been fortunate to prosper in this league.”
Udonis Haslem Quotes
“My work ethic I learned at Miami High, and I have taken that with me.”
Udonis Haslem Quotes
“The Heat gave me an opportunity when nobody else wanted to.”
“Anytime you have a Pat Riley running things, calling the shots, you are not going to question things because he has been through it. He knows what it is all about and what it takes to win. All we have to do on our end is play basketball because we know the right calls and the right decisions are going to be made up top.”
“A lot of people look at playing overseas as a step down from the NBA. And, yes it is a step down from the NBA money-wise, but there is just as good of talent overseas as in the NBA. Not better talent.”

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