Viggo Mortensen Quotes & Sayings (Page 10)

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Viggo Mortensen quotes and sayings page 10 (63 year old actor). Here's quote # 91 through 100 out of the 125 we have for him.

Viggo Mortensen Quotes
“I think that every person has many, many people inside of them. We change our personality depending on who we are talking to or what situation we are in.”
“When I make a movie, I don't break it down and analyze it. I could but it would get in the way of doing a job - on instinct based on all the research we did going in. you want to trust yourself and your director and your acting partners in the circumstances you're shooting. I don't like to have any kind of overview.”
Viggo Mortensen Quotes
“You know, Freud accepted his lot very stoically and very well and with a sense of humor. He aged and died gracefully, and there's a lot to be said for that.”
“I'm very comfortable in Argentina. I was raised there as a baby and stayed there until I was 11 years old, so the first decade of my life or my formative years were spent in Argentina. I stayed in tune with the food, music and language.”
“I grew up with horses when I was a kid in Argentina. I like them. I respect them. I'm careful around them. You never know what they're going to do. They're endlessly interesting. I've had some good acting partners that were horses over the years.”
“More often than not, the experience of shooting the movie has been disappointing and the end product has been a mere shadow of what I hoped it would be. But immersing myself in the story - that's what I like best of all.”
Viggo Mortensen Quotes
“I think that people who get to a certain position, and then try to ferociously defend it or build on it, it's kind of a dead-end street. You see people becoming miserable that way.”
Viggo Mortensen Quotes
“The Holocaust movie is almost a genre in itself these days.”
Viggo Mortensen Quotes
“I don't like the 'must', the 'always', and the 'never' words. I don't like 'no' either.”
“Some actors learn the habit of promoting themselves as a brand - by dressing in a certain way, by going out with a certain person - it gives them what they obviously want, which is to keep a level of fame. I'm not putting it down.”

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