Vikram Seth Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Vikram Seth quotes and sayings page 3 (72 year old novelist). Here's quote # 21 through 30 out of the 61 we have for him.

Vikram Seth Quotes
“I don't pick and choose subjects or settings; they pick and choose me.”
Vikram Seth Quotes
“I think goodness is about how person behaves to person, and also person to world, to nature.”
Vikram Seth Quotes
“I often feel newspapers are just filling up space. Of course, I also know people who write really long books.”
Vikram Seth Quotes
“You get your inspiration - suggestions - wherever you have to, even from your mother.”
Vikram Seth Quotes
“After 'A Suitable Boy,' I didn't write anything, not even a short story. I thought to myself: 'I ought to start writing.' But I can never force myself to write.”
Vikram Seth Quotes
“Basically, my mother couldn't hold a tune and when I was a baby, a rather tactless baby, I would ask her not to sing... you can't get to sleep if someone is singing off key nearby.”
“I am careful about fiction. A novel is not a tract or an essay. If I want to write about land reforms, or Hindu-Muslim relations, or position of women, I can do it as it affects my characters as in 'A Suitable Boy.' I could only write about issues specifically through essays. But I'll do that only if I have something worthwhile to say.”
“If somebody writes clearly, you can pretty much tell immediately if something is shallow or deep, whereas if they write with all this duckweed on the surface, you can't tell if the stream is one inch deep or a hundred fathoms.”
“Of course, a law that is selectively used is in one aspect even worse than a law that is generally used because it puts a lot of power in individuals' hands and makes government a rule, not of laws, but of people.”
“The problem with too beautiful a view is that it's alright for the mulling stage. But for the writing stage, you want to be somewhere without a view, especially if it is very different from what you're writing.”

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