Walter Mosley Quotes & Sayings

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23 most famous Walter Mosley quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 69 year old American novelist born on Jan 12, 1952.

Walter Mosley Quotes
“I've always loved science fiction. I think the smartest writers are science fiction writers dealing with major things.”
“When you deal with a person who's experiencing dementia, you can see where they're struggling with knowledge. You can see what they forget completely, what they forget but they know what they once knew. You can tell how they're trying to remember.”
“I would have been completely brainwashed by this lopsided and racist view of the world if it weren't for my father. He was a deep thinker and an irrepressible problem solver. He was a Black Socrates, asking why and then spoiling ready-made replies.”
Walter Mosley Quotes
“I took up writing to escape the drudgery of that every day cubicle kind of war.”
“All writing is that structure of revelation. There's something you want to find out. If you know everything up front in the beginning, you really don't need to read further if there's nothing else to find out.”
“We live in capitalism, and capitalism is defined by the production line, and the production line is defined by specificity. If you see yourself as an artist, which I do, then you can't be limited by that. You can't let somebody tell you, 'Well, you can only draw this kind of picture or write that kind of book.'”
Walter Mosley Quotes
“Poetry teaches us music, metaphor, condensation and specificity.”
Walter Mosley Quotes
“A lot of people... kind of make heroes that are separate from us, people who are, you know, like... John Wayne and Errol Flynn and, you know, Denzel Washington... people who are different, who are larger than life.”
“My father always taught by telling stories about his experiences. His lessons were about morality and art and what insects and birds and human beings had in common. He told me what it meant to be a man and to be a Black man. He taught me about love and responsibility, about beauty, and how to make gumbo.”
Walter Mosley Quotes
“I'm almost completely without family and it's a very odd feeling in life. I have no children.”

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