Whittaker Chambers Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Whittaker Chambers quotes and sayings page 2 (writer). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 21 we have.

Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“A nation's life is about as long as its reverential memory.”
Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“Political freedom is a political reading of the Bible.”
Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“On that road of the informer, it is always night. I cannot ever inform against anyone without feeling something die within me. I inform without pleasure, because it is necessary.”
Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“The chief fruit of the First World War was the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism as a national power.”
Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“A man is not primarily a witness against something. That is only incidental to the fact that he is a witness for something.”
“At issue was the question whether this man's faith could prevail against a man whose equal faith it was that this society is sick beyond saving, and that mercy itself pleads for its swift extinction and replacement by another.”
Whittaker Chambers Quotes
“In 1937, I began, like Lazarus, the impossible return.”
“When you understand what you see, you will no longer be children. You will know that life is pain, that each of us hangs always upon the cross of himself. And when you know that this is true of every man, woman and child on earth, you will be wiser.”
“At issue in the Hiss Case was the question whether this sick society, which we call Western civilization, could in its extremity still cast up a man whose faith in it was so great that he would voluntarily abandon those things which men hold good, including life, to defend it.”
“It is popular to call it a crisis of the Western world. It is in fact a crisis of the whole world. Communism, which claims to be a solution of the crisis, is itself a symptom and an irritant of the crisis.”

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