Wilbur Ross Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Wilbur Ross quotes and sayings page 2 (businessman). These are the last 8 out of 18 quotes we have.

“The typical big Japanese company has somewhere between a third and 40 percent of its revenues coming from developing countries, and about a third of Japan's exports are also to the emerging countries, so in a strange way, Japan, which has very little internal growth, its big companies are a good way to play the emerging markets.”
Wilbur Ross Quotes
“I think it's natural for any manager to want to grow his business. The question is at what rate, and in what direction, and in what format?”
Wilbur Ross Quotes
“Shale gas, if left to flourish, could create several hundred thousand more jobs.”
Wilbur Ross Quotes
“Ships are a strange kind of commodity because they're very lumpy, very big individual units, but they're commodities.”
“Between the Community Redevelopment Act, requiring banks to make what I would call very weak loans, and specific quotas that the Congress imposed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that created the market demand that really led to the subprime phenomenon.”
Wilbur Ross Quotes
“If you want to do something to destroy consumer spending, just eat away at the middle class because the other problem we have is the structural problem of middle class America.”
Wilbur Ross Quotes
“My wife Hillary sometimes accuses me of trying to reinvent the 19th century. In some ways she's right because I like things that I can understand and that aren't too complicated.”
“The fundamentals are the U.S. is going to end up being a net exporter of natural gas. That's going to be wonderful to help our balance of payments, reduce our dependence on a lot of countries that aren't so crazy about us, and change many, many parts of what goes on here.”

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