Zak Orth Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Zak Orth quotes and sayings. He's a 53 year old American actor born on Oct 15, 1970.

Zak Orth Quotes
“Actually, I was born Adam Zachary Orth. Zak is short for my middle name. I was never called Adam.”
Zak Orth Quotes
“Homophobia is manufactured in high schools, so it's probably useful to keep in mind that it really does bother people.”
Zak Orth Quotes
“I grew up around backstage, and that clinched it for me.”
“As far as writing or directing a film, I've worked with enough people who have done that that I know it's just a whole other level of responsibility and chaos and murder that I could not see happening. For now, I'm just going to see what comes. I know what I like and what direction I have.”
Zak Orth Quotes
“I think there is some credibility to the notion that marriage is an institution. It meant something very different hundreds of years ago when it became the norm for people to go off and pair.”
“I worked with Michael Black and Michael Showalter on their show 'Michael and Michael Have Issues.' We did some stuff on that, but it ended up not getting picked up for a second season. There will be more stuff, but not right now. Michael Showalter and I are literally next-door neighbors. We see quite a lot of each other.”

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