Aly Michalka Quotes & Sayings

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11 most famous Aly Michalka quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 33 year old American actress born on Mar 25, 1989.

Aly Michalka Quotes
“I think it's important to see where compliments are coming from - if they're compliments about your inside, your heart, or if they're about your physicality or your personality.”
Aly Michalka Quotes
“You have to be happy with yourself first of all - that's the most important thing.”
“In a serious relationship, I will definitely write music about a guy. I'm totally into mix tapes and I'm all about small little things. I'll drop by their door and just leave a gift or come over if they're sick and make them chicken noodle soup and rent a DVD and play board games. I think those little things mean a lot to someone.”
“When I think about old Hollywood and the glamour of those days, women like Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn were not dressing the way some girls dress today. There was a certain mystery about them, and I feel like that's gone in our industry.”
Aly Michalka Quotes
“I'm definitely one of those chicks who want to be in a relationship. I need somebody who can make me laugh and entertain me.”
“I think you can learn a lot about a guy from the way that he talks to you and the way that he compliments you. If he's complimenting you when you're just walking down the street and it's something completely pure and of the moment, then that's something you can take to heart.”
Aly Michalka Quotes
“You really have to have a voice, especially as a female. You've got to be strong-minded and really focus on what your goal is - you can't be all over the place.”
Aly Michalka Quotes
“I feel like music and acting are so much my love, and they're so much equal in my eyes. I couldn't really choose between the two.”
Aly Michalka Quotes
“I think that ,as an actor, you have to break out eventually, and if you do it properly, it can be something that's positive.”
“I know for a fact that if I could do only music, I'd be out of my mind, insane. I'd be stressed-out; there's so much work. I mean, you work constantly; there are no breaks, really. If you're not promoting a record, you're making one. If you're not making one, you're touring. If you're not touring, you're doing photo shoots and prep work.”

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