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18 most famous Bailee Madison quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 22 year old American actress born on Oct 15, 1999.

Bailee Madison Quotes
“I want to be the coolest aunt in the entire world.”
Bailee Madison Quotes
“God has just given me such an amazing journey and able to play; it's been so much fun. I'm having a blast!”
Bailee Madison Quotes
“There is a reason for everything.”
Bailee Madison Quotes
“What do I love about acting? I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring and just doing what I love.”
Bailee Madison Quotes
“I'm very, very blessed.”
“One of my favorite traditions is that my sisters and I, we all wear the same pajamas. I've even still got some from when I was 6. Also, I'll always remember cooking together in the kitchen and that no matter how busy our schedules are, we are all together for Christmas.”
“Something my mom and I have always said to each other is: 'We're not here for interviews. We're not here to get your picture taken. We're here to make a difference, and this is our opportunity to.'”
“I honestly don't even know how I got into acting. It happened so quickly because my mom and sister used to do commercials, and apparently when I was little I would unbuckle myself from the stroller and crash their auditions.”
“Work is so much fun that it doesn't really seem like downtime when I'm not. But cooking, spending time with my family, friends and dog are what I'm usually doing when I'm not working on something.”
Bailee Madison Quotes
“I did 'Bridge to Terabithia' when I was around 6 years old, but for my first movie, I was 5.”

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