Camille Claudel Quotes & Sayings

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26 most famous Camille Claudel quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She was a French sculptor who passed away on 19 October, 1943.

Camille Claudel Quotes
“I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.”
“I am not feeling any better because I cannot stay in bed, having constant cause for walking. They say I leave at night by the window of my tower, hanging from a red umbrella with which I set fire to the forest!”
Camille Claudel Quotes
“If you are nice, and keep your promise, we will be in paradise.”
Camille Claudel Quotes
“You find me at work; excuse the dust on my blouse. I sculpt my marble myself.”
“I thank you for your kind invitation to introduce me to the president of the Republic. Since I have not been out of my atelier for two months, I have no appropriate costume for this circumstance. Please excuse me.”
Camille Claudel Quotes
“When you left on Saturday, I felt a horrible void, I saw you everywhere, on the beach, in your room, in the garden: impossible for me to get used to the idea that you had left.”
“You promised to take care of me and not to turn your back on me. How is it possible that you never wrote to me even once and you never came back to see me? Do you think that it is fun for me to spend months, even years, without any news, without any hope!”
“I will never forget my beautiful days with you in Shanklin, they are certainly the most pleasant ones of my life. Look, I have tears in my eyes just to think about it. I am furious to be here, it is the end of happiness for a whole year.”
Camille Claudel Quotes
“I have been back in Paris for two weeks. Nothing new. Life is still bitter.”
Camille Claudel Quotes
“I took all my wax studies and threw them in the fire... that's the way it is when something unpleasant happens to me. I take my hammer and I squash a figure.”

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