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“I was in 'Seussical,' and I was in a cage onstage in a purple yarn suit singing backup, and I was like: 'I've had it. I can't do this anymore.' I will say for the record that I did love the show, but I was like: 'I want to do something else. I need a little more.'”
“I went to UCLA for a year and a quarter. There were too many students at UCLA interested in what I was interested in, and they couldn't accommodate all of us. I wasn't allowed to take voice or dance, only theater and acting. So I saved my money and, at 19, moved to New York.”
Casey Nicholaw Quotes
“I look around at people who had success so early and then didn't know what to do with themselves.”
Casey Nicholaw Quotes
“I moved to New York and couldn't get a job as an actor. And waited tables for so long.”
Casey Nicholaw Quotes
“Bouncing ideas off people when you're thinking up comedy is great.”
Casey Nicholaw Quotes
“I was always bossy as a kid. I made my friends do shows that I wrote and would take them on tour from house to house.”
Casey Nicholaw Quotes
“I was in eighth grade when I did my first Junior Theatre show. I was in 'Annie Get Your Gun' as a dancing Indian.”
“I have a Tony Award now. It hasn't changed too much in the theater world, but it gives me entree for film stuff and TV stuff, where people will see me more easily now because they know me.”
“I'm from San Diego. My parents weren't involved in theater, but my mother encouraged my interest in it. She bought me the cassette tape to 'A Chorus Line' and she took me and a friend out of school one day and drove us up to L.A. for a matinee. Afterward, we ate in the cafeteria. I was in junior high school. She saw the direction I was going in.”
“In '92, I got my first Broadway show as a performer - 'Crazy for You.' I was in the ensemble. In fact, I was in eight Broadway shows as a dancer. Seven of them were original shows. That's how I learned to create something from the ground up.”

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