Chad Lindberg Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Chad Lindberg quotes and sayings. He's a 47 year old American actor born on Nov 1, 1976.

Chad Lindberg Quotes
“My advice for upcoming actors is to never give up. If it's in you, keep following your dream no matter what. Perseverence is the key.”
“I actually wanted to be a police officer like my dad for the longest time, up until my sophomore year in high school when I started doing plays. I did plays when I was little, but in high school, I started getting into acting.”
Chad Lindberg Quotes
“I love Jeff Bridges. You can never go wrong with that guy. I hope to work with him one day.”
Chad Lindberg Quotes
“I've never really been a genre fan. I never grew up reading comic books or was a horror buff.”
Chad Lindberg Quotes
“I sometimes like to watch a good, dark, disturbing movie.”
Chad Lindberg Quotes
“I'd like to play an alien, like from 'Starman' or 'K-PAX,' where it's human. I think I'm destined to play an alien.”
Chad Lindberg Quotes
“I'm a fan of James Frain's work, especially in 'True Blood.' He was so awesome in that show.”
“Filming movies and TV are vastly different. Film is more of slower pace. You usually have more time to develop characters, and it sometimes takes up to 3 months to film one movie. Sometimes you'll spend half the day filming one scene. TV moves much faster. It takes about 10 days to film an episode.”

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