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22 most famous Daniel Bruhl quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 43 year old German actor born on Jun 16, 1978.

Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“I always try to start my weekend by running on the beach, which is great fun here in Barcelona.”
Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“A dream my girlfriend and I have is to move to New York for a year or two because we just love the city. I would take some acting classes.”
Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“Eating is my main hobby now, and most of what I do on the weekend revolves around that.”
“Well, my first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought up by a Spanish mother and a German father, so I always spoke both languages at home. I'm very thankful that I was brought up in a bilingual house.”
Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“I live between Barcelona and Berlin. Staying in Spain over the winter and Berlin for spring and summer is an ideal combination.”
Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“I enjoy passing time in my house. I'll get up, head out on the terrace, think about what to do, fool around oiling the floorboards or hanging pictures askew.”
“When I was a kid, we all knew who Niki Lauda was. He was a hero, a living legend in Germany. Everybody knows him. And he's still very present on TV because he's commenting for Formula One.”
“When I was around 15, I did my first movie. I was at a kids' agency, and the third time I was invited to an audition, they offered me a little part in some kiddie thing, and I earned my first money. I was very proud that I could buy my first mountain bike with my own money.”
Daniel Bruhl Quotes
“We Germans should know that we're good at constructing cars, and we have a lot of good qualities. But we're not the funniest.”
“I was lucky to start working when German cinema was having an interesting moment. Now the quality is going downhill again because they're insisting on doing comedies. We should know by now that we make good cars but we're not the funniest people.”

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