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9 most famous David Lee quotes and sayings. He's an 81 year old American physicist born on Mar 31, 1942.

David Lee Quotes
“Liquid helium belongs to a class of fluids known as quantum fluids, as distinct from classical fluids.”
“Following graduation from high school in 1948, I attended Harvard University where I became a physics major. Having grown up in a small town, I found Harvard to be an enormously enriching experience. Students in my class came from all walks of life and from a great variety of geographical locations.”
David Lee Quotes
“I look back upon graduate school as being a very happy period in my life. The chance to be thoroughly immersed in physics and to be surrounded by friends pursuing similar goals was a marvelous experience.”
David Lee Quotes
“Modern low temperature physics began with the liquefaction of helium by Kamerlingh Onnes and the discovery of superconductivity at the University of Leiden in the early part of the 20th century.”
David Lee Quotes
“Basic science provides long-term benefits for ourselves and our fragile planet and should be supported by all the world's societies.”
David Lee Quotes
“The discovery of superfluidity opened up a new understanding in the science world.”
David Lee Quotes
“There are few moments in science in which you genuinely are excited. The discovery of superfluidity in helium-3 was one of those moments.”
“My first project was to build an ionization gauge control circuit for Professor Edgar Everhart's Cockcroft-Walton accelerator. In those days, vacuum tubes were the active components in electronic circuits. I can still recall the warm orange glow of the vacuum tube filaments and the cool blue glow of the thyratron tubes.”
“My parents were born and brought up in New York City. My father was trained as an electrical engineer, and my mother was an elementary school teacher. They were the children of Jewish immigrants who had come to the United States from England and Lithuania in the late 1800s.”

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