Dory Previn Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Dory Previn quotes and sayings. She was an American musician who passed away on 14 February, 2012.

“In 1973, I broke off from the therapy and decided I could go through one of those episodes on my own, in my house. I found there is no real need to be locked up. I found that I was able to use that kind of awake dreaming that you go into during insanity and look at it and live with it and relate to it and become friends with it.”
Dory Previn Quotes
“I was always afraid to write music.”
Dory Previn Quotes
“I was raised with fear of God, guilt over Jesus, and terror of the Devil.”
Dory Previn Quotes
“What I've tried to do is bring the madness out in the open. Keep it under wraps, and it erupts into wars and violence.”

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