Emmylou Harris Quotes & Sayings

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40 most famous Emmylou Harris quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 74 year old American musician born on Apr 2, 1947.

Emmylou Harris Quotes
“There's a certain grace in accepting what your life is and embracing all the good things that have been - but there's still an expectation of good things to come. Not necessarily what you expected.”
“Animals have a much better attitude to life and death than we do. They know when their time has come. We are the ones that suffer when they pass, but it's a healing kind of grief that enables us to deal with other griefs that are not so easy to grab hold of.”
Emmylou Harris Quotes
“I'm blessed to be able to work at something that I'm good at, and that I love. It's not something I take for granted.”
Emmylou Harris Quotes
“When there are dogs and music, people have a good time.”
“Yes, I always say that we're a National League band. What I mean is, if you play an instrument, you have to sing. So I always call our drummer up. Even the drummer has to take a turn on the microphone.”
“I look at my voice and my abilities as a gift. I don't feel that I can even take any credit for it, but it's such a huge presence in my life. It is my life. It's my identity, it's everything. And it's given me a great deal of joy and a sense of purpose - I can't imagine my life without it.”
Emmylou Harris Quotes
“As anyone who goes into dog-rescue knows, it is not a for-profit business, but the rewards are priceless for me.”
Emmylou Harris Quotes
“You get to a certain point in your life where you get closer to the end of your life than the beginning, and it colors your life, in a way.”
Emmylou Harris Quotes
“I love Chicago, but I didn't think I had enough soul to be a Cubs fan.”
“You meet a lot of people and have a lot of experiences, and they color you and stay with you - but I'm not the grieving widow. Life is much more complicated and interesting and full of zigs and zags than that.”

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