Eric Fischl Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Eric Fischl quotes and sayings (artist).

Eric Fischl Quotes
“I hate this idea that there are some people who have a right to express their suffering and others who don't, that there are those in this hierarchy of pain who own it more than you do.”
Eric Fischl Quotes
“My primary thing is to make a painting, not necessarily to make a painting to sell for gazillions of dollars, but just to make a painting.”
“I think making art is something where you think you know, you also know you don't know and you hope - all these things are in play all the time. I think it's what makes the excitement of creativity for the artist.”
Eric Fischl Quotes
“Artists don't really want to be marginalized. They believe that everybody should be able to appreciate the experience that an artist gives them, an experience that connects us to each other in a deep way.”
Eric Fischl Quotes
“The truth is that painting is all about scale; you use scale to create experience. A lot of artists have lost that ability. They don't even know that's something they should be doing.”

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